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The Experimental Environmental Design Initiative is a project to design systems that can be adapted to housing in both an urban and rural setting using inexpensive, readily available parts from a hardware store or other retail outlet. The project is intended to produce plans for such systems that can be downloaded and put into use by anyone, free of charge.

It has come to our attention that most of the environmentally progressive technologies that are available come with an enormous price tag, and are out of reach of middle and lower income families and individuals. Because of this, being environmentally friendly has become a "rich man's game" leaving poorer families to rely upon enviromnentally distructive resources. By putting our experimental expertise to the problem and by putting basic environmental design principals into practice, we hope to provide a positive resource that anyone of any income level may be able to employ.

Environmental Design

What It Is, and What It's Not

Environmental Design is the science of designing spaces and artifacts to fit the needs and purposes of the people who use them. The approach employed is one of combinatoric and ergonomic systems analysis that quantifies the parameters of human need and function and then relates it to the resulting physical product.

Environemntal Design isn't always environmentally friendly. The market is generally flooded with environmentally unfriendly products that came from an environmental designer's drawing board. This doesn't mean that Environmental Design is the culprit. As any other methodology it can be used with varying degrees of responsibility.

What we hope to do

Our intention is to be as environmentally responsible as is practical given the limits of resources available. Some of the materials that will be employed may come from environmentally distructive sources where there are no viable alternatives available. If environmentally friendly materials that present a viable solution to this problem are brought to our attention, we will make substitutions. Where such materials are not available, it is our hope that the resulting system will provide an offset to the distructiveness of the original source material.

The intention is to create systems that are affordable for lower income people to build, one component at a time. When enough systems are brought online, each contribution by each individual may produce a sum total impact that could delay, if not reverse current environmentally distructive trends.


As of this date (11 February 2008) we are just in the beginning stages. As we develop systems, we will post them on this website, with complete diagrams and parts lists, including estimated cost to build at the time that we built them. Please keep watch, but be patient. Positive things are coming. Constructive ideas from visitors to this website are welcome. When we have our contact systems in place we will include a link for communication.

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