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These pages are no longer being updated, however they will remain available for all who are interested.

African Language Family Groups

Map of African Language Family Groups

African Languages fall into four basic families following ancient migratory patterns of influence. In the north, following the Saharan routes of trade and travel are the Afro-Asiatic Linguistic groups. Mid-Saharan and extending southward into North Central Africa are the Nilo-Saharan languages. From Western Africa (south of the Sahara) to Southeast Africa is the Niger-Kordofanian family of languages. And finally, in Southwest Africa are the Khoisan languages.


  • Arabic
  • Kushite
  • Amaharic
  • Afro-Asian
  • Berber


  • Chadian
  • Eastern Sudanic
  • Eastern Adamawa
  • Songhay


  • Mande
  • Voltic
  • Kwa
  • Bantu-Congo


  • San
  • Khoi

Western Atlantic and Malagasy,

seem to be linguistically independent of other African languages.


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